Be Different for Google Ranking

How to be Different for Higher Google Ranking

There’s an old saying. Be yourself. If you really want to impress your customers be yourself. You’re a plumber with pride in your craft. So, why not show this online. Your website is a reflection of who you are – no matter how you construct it. So, why not be the individual you are? This isn’t a new or novel idea, but you are different from others plumbers. And, I’m sure you think the difference gives you an edge in business. Be different for a higher Google ranking, too. Google’s John Mueller says being different help you rank higher on Google.

Be Different for Google Ranking
Google’s John Mueller

A recent article in Search Engine Journal states, “According to Google, being different than the competition is important to Google’s algorithm. And when he says different he means being better in a way that makes the site desirable for obtaining a specific product.” This also refers to service companies like your plumbing company. Google’s Mueller says that a high ranking website must be unique, compelling and high quality. Doesn’t that make sense? Don’t you want high quality customers? They tend to gravitate towards other things that are high quality – like websites.

Great Plumber SEO Helps, too

An organized website is a real plus. Not only does Google like it, but ready-to-buy customers find it helpful when they need pertinent information about your plumbing services. Not all customers need detailed information from you, but about 20% of buyers are analytical. They need to know everything about you. So, you know exactly what we’re talking about here. But, when they find the plumber they want they can become lifetime customers.

To have a website that reflects your individuality it takes a good content copywriter to capture this. To be different and rank highest takes a talented SEO company that can pull this off. Site structure is a big part of SEO. But, the rewards are the highest ROI of any marketing channel available.

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