Bad Keywords for Plumbers

Bad Keywords for Plumbers

Bad keywords for plumbers don’t get the phone ringing. Great keywords do get your phone ringing. So, listen up. Many weak SEO companies will tell you they can get you to rank #1 for your keywords. So, if those keywords are not “plumber” or “plumbing company” forget it. Weak SEO companies will get you to rank #1 for weak keywords and keyword phrases like “leaking pipe”. The trouble with “leaking pipe” as a keyword phrase is that the companies that come up for that search result are leak detection companies. So, if you’re #1 you might not even get the call because competing leak detection companies specialize in leak detection.

bad keywords for plumbers

Another bad keyword phrase for plumbers is “clogged drain”. The Google results page for this keyword phrase will mostly show Roto-Rooter type companies. Keyword phrases like “leaking pipe” and “clogged drain” are secondary keywords. A plumbing company performs these tasks on a routine basis, but it’s not a specialty like water heaters. The best primary keywords that make the phone ring and bring profits are “plumber” and “plumbing company”. Then “water heaters” becomes a secondary keyword. Selling and installing water heaters is a great profit center for most plumbing companies.

Be #1 for Great Keywords

Being #1 for the keyword “plumber” is the best and most profitable keyword to rank for on the Google search results page (SERP). You’ll get over 50% of all phone calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for “plumber” in your town and service area. “Plumbing company” is also a good keyword to rank #1 for on the Google search results page. We’ve found that a lot of higher price jobs come in from the keyword phrase “plumbing company”. The only explanation we have is that “plumbing company” is a keyword search phrase used by more sophisticated, wealthy ready-to-buy customers.

To find out more about ranking #1 on Google for primary keywords like “plumber” and getting a ROI of well over 1000% contact SEO Plumber Pro or request a free consultation.

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