Backlinks Just Part of SEO

News Flash: Backlinks Just Part of SEO

When it comes to SEO, backlinks are always a topic of discussion. Many SEO “experts” say backlinks are the most important element of SEO. Not so, says John Mueller of Google. Here’s what he had to say about backlinks. “We do use links in our ranking algorithms. We use a ton of other factors as well. So it’s not the case that links is the one thing that will make your website show up in the search results, regardless of what other people do.” We have long suspected that this was the case. “Content is king’ is a mantra we subscribe to more than backlinks. Backlinks are just part of the SEO recipe for success.

Backlinks Just Part of SEO

Recently Google has been sending out signals regarding “intent of search”. In other words Google feels it’s important for websites to respond to users intent. What is the user intending to do or find out with their search? Google is rewarding websites that respond to user intent. This would seem to be an extension of the Google guideline that used to stress answering user’s search questions? Without getting further into the weeds about this let’s address how this affects plumber websites, blogs and social media.

Google Search Intent

While backlinks are still relevant, it seems prudent to focus more on the bigger picture that Google sees. When a customer goes to your plumber website they want to know one thing usually. How can you help me with my plumbing challenge or problem? It’s most likely a specific area. Take water heaters, for instance, what are the details or intent of this customers search? Do they want to know about tankless water heaters? Your website must be well organized to address these queries.

Yes, backlinks help your SEO score, but look at the things Google is talking about to shape your online presence. User intent is what Google wants you to focus your efforts on. Perhaps you should consider hiring a reasonably priced profession SEO company that specializes in plumbing companies. Especially if that SEO company understands what Google wants in order for you to rank highest on Google.

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