How SEO Plumber Pro Started

In 2002 SEO Plumber Pro started out as Dommer & Associates. We had a number on commercial construction companies as clients. Dommer & Associates was a full service ad agency with an emphasis on internet marketing. We built websites for our clients. This was before social media. So, we wrote monthly newsletters for our clients and emailed the newsletter to our clients customers. That was our mode of internet marketing.

Plumber SEO Early Development

Dommer & Associates began to use internet strategies such as link building in these early days of Google. We started to experiment with keywords and keyword searches. Our goal was to have our client’s customers find them on the internet. For our big plumbing client we promoted all their services. So, they become the #1 plumbing contractor on Google for local SEO in their profit centers. Their residential, commercial, wineries, technology and radiant heating departments were all ranked #1 on Google locally. Same thing with Google Maps including their separate service company.

Social Media Marketing

When Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media came along we began to use these platforms for marketing our client’s companies. We began to produce posts and videos across the social media platforms we developed for our clients. This was before WordPress, so we built websites from scratch. It was so challenging, but fun for us and profitable for our clients. We were very successful with internet marketing even though it was in it’s infant days. We continued these internet strategies for years with all of our clients.

Local SEO Niche Marketing

As the internet grew it became an essential marketing tool for all companies large and small. We continued with our local SEO strategies for all of our clients. Then we decided to specialize in a marketing niche we were well versed in. We choose plumbing companies as our specialized niche. We had years of experience working with plumbers and it seemed like a good fit. Now we were able to branch out in our niche. We could still specialize in local SEO, but on a national basis.

SEO Plumber Pro

A few years ago we changed our name to SEO Plumber Pro to market our services to local plumbing companies across the country. We are a do-it-for-you SEO marketing company for plumbers only. So, our goal is to rank our plumbing clients in the highest positions for organic search and Google Maps. SEO Plumber Pro uses all the strategies we’ve developed and learned over the past 20 years to deliver an excellent ROI for our plumbing customers.

About SEO Plumber Pro